mostly classic trek with a few scattered crossovers into the later shows. here you'll find het, gen, and slash. mostly slash. please heed all warnings. stories with adult content are so noted. 

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forever's edge
a drabble. set sometime during the episode the city on the edge of forever.
kirk/spock, 5k

my captain, my friend
a continuation of forever's edge. what happens after Kirk wakes up and sees Spock standing there watching him.
kirk/spock, 24k

while i lay dreaming
the sequel to my captain, my friend. it takes place towards the end of the episode operation: annihilate!
kirk/spock, 48k, adult

of this day's journey
kirk impatiently waits for spock's return from a lengthy diplomatic mission. this was written before while I lay dreaming and is my first adult story.
kirk/spock, 37k, adult

the mistletoe shuffle
an answer to the mistletoe challenge from omega on ASCEM/L. holiday smut...woowoo.
kirk/spock, 15k, adult

au revoir
answer to the challenge issued by laura jacquez valentine to write a serious kirk/cyrano jones.
kirk/cyrano jones, 25k

set just after the episode "the paradise syndrome". this is a present for pam, the feedback queen and her beautiful new baby girl, nikita, smooches. Go to the ASCEML/FUH-Q nursery and check out pam and nikita's other gifts. well worth the visit and you get to see a picture of the beautiful nikita in her cute pink bow.
kirk and spock,14k

speak into silence
answer to istannor's "the boys lead lonely lives" challenge. it morphed into a series and will eventually, god(s) willing, include most of the tos characters. i'm saying most, not yeoman jones, or smith, or whatever. just the biguns.
all, 9-12k

mcCoy: 2368
kirk: the nexus
sulu: 2294
gary mitchell: 2262

neutral territory
what would it be like to share a bathroom with kirk or spock? or both?
kirk and spock,26k

burnt sugar
kirk's horny. spock smells good. they go at it.
kirk/spock, 16k, adult

spock and riker meet aboard the enterprise-e. this is part of the spock fuhq fest! weehaw! run, don't walk, to...
tos/tng x-over, spock/riker, 47k, adult

blanket of stars
janeway's recruited for a very special mission. this is part of the spock fuhq fest second wave! weehaw! run, don't walk, to...
tos/voy x-over. spock/janeway, 41k, adult

so, who would you go with?
after a loooong and boring away mission, kira has an interesting dream. this story is set before we lose jadzia and after the trials and tribulations episode. this is part of the kirk fuhq fest! all the other fabulous kirk stories can be found at
tos/ds9 x-over, kirk/major kira, 43k, adult

the siren's call
kirk's lost. spock's lost. they find each other. this story is part of the k/s online festival. the issued challenge can be found at the end of the story. go to to read other k/s fest stories.
kirk/spock, 84k, adult

innocent when you dream
on a training voyage, captain pike meets cadet chekov. part of the ensign fuck fest. other EFF stories can be found at
pike/chekov, 130k, adult

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