I don't promise this page will grow very fast, but I have three stories that need a page of their own. at the very least I'll keep adding Yuletide stories. 

forgotten wishes -- anne of green gables
four separate moments in the friendship of anne and diana. written for Yuletide 2004.
anne/diana, 24k, adult

only the gods are immortal -- gilgamesh
gilgamesh and enkidu find each other. written for Yuletide 2004.
gilgamesh/enkidu,11k, adult

let that be a lesson -- the fugitive (1993 film)
what happens when it's all over. written for Yuletide 2004.
sam/richard, 19k, adult

make me believe -- wiseguy
"make me believe," said roger. written for Yuletide 2005
roger/vinnie, 69k, adult

sweat -- wiseguy
what's a little sweat between friends? written for the challenges_past cliche challenge.
sonny/vinnie, adult, 3379 words

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